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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Texas United Year 10 is upon us!

One of the most enjoyable sights for StickStar is seeing 100+ #KhakiWarriors at Alden Bridge Sports Park playing 3x 20 minutes prior to a 3 hour long Seminar Session. We've really missed our Texas United Seminars as we haven't held one thus far in 2020. Absolutely Shocking.

This fall we are utilizing our Seminars to kick off Fall Practice in Houston & Dallas. We look to once again ramp seminars back up in Year 10 of our United Program but realize that in the current environment they MUST LOOK DIFFERENT! We are making 3 ADJUSTMENTS in the short term to do things smarter.

ABOVE ALL ELSE WE MUST CONSTANTLY BE VIGILANT. FIRST AND FOREMOST WE MUST UNDERSTAND EXPOSURE AND THUS WE ASK EVERYONE TO SELF ASSESS PRIOR TO ATTENDANCE. We were able to guide our Summer Texas Box Leagues safely across the finish line because the people participating were vigilant, accountable, and were asked to self assess every single time. >>>

1) GROUP SIZES: We simply cannot have 100 kids at the field at once so we are now splitting up HS & Youth groups. Because we are now effectively doubling our coaches sessions, we cannot go for as long. Our coaches would KEEL OVER if both groups logged 8.5 hours of training. The on field hours for our Coaches / Facility rental will remain the same, but duration of training will be reduced.

2) FACILITIES: Our United Seminars have always trained at the best facilities and that will continue but with COVID there are certain facility limitations. The limitations are in both location and capacity. In Dallas we can no longer utilize SMU as they have restricted access to outside participants. We have been in contact with them and we are 1st on the list when they ReOPEN! In Dallas we are proud to be partnered with Blue Sky and their various Sports Centers. In the Fall however OUTDOOR space is limited so all training will be done inside. This allows for us to have ZERO RAINOUTS, but you can only fit so many kids on one field. Thus for the Dallas Seminar Saturday will be for Youth, while Sunday is for HS. Each Group of Youth & HS will be split up as well, and participation will be limited to 50 per group. 50 (5/6), 50 (7/8), 50 (24/23), 50 (21/22).

3) PAYMENT: Finally, in order to limit interaction we ask that everyone handle payment online via the PAYPAL Links in the registration.

Did You Know MLL MVP & CHAMP Bryce Wasserman is a Texas United ALUM?

SUPPLEMENTAL TRYOUT: These upcoming events will also serve as Supplemental Tryouts. Our Dallas Tryouts were tremendously successful and we're excited to see everyone across the State as well!


DTX SEMINAR (9.12) Youth Seminar (9.13) HS Seminar - Click Here to Register

HTX SEMINAR (9.19 & 9.20) - Click Here to Register


ATX - The Regents School

DTX - Blue Sky Sportscenter Carrollton

HTX - Alden Bridge Sports Park

StickStar Seminars separate us from everyone else.  They are unique, consistent, and guaranteed to help your player improve.  If players commit to our training, they will, without a doubt, become the best players possible!  One does not have to be the biggest, the fastest, the strongest.  We WILL make you smart and skilled.  (Although those other traits do help...)  Our training is based on skill development.  

Students of the game seek out our training. 

Associated Fee: $75

Players Accepted: All players (grade 4 and above; no beginners, please!) must be current members of US Lacrosse to participate! We are pumped to get to the field and cannot wait to kick off our seminars once again! This is year 10 of Texas United and Year 17 of traveling Select Teams. We ARE the longest running program in the State and pumped to keep developing those #StickStarHabits!

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