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Stickstar Foundations Classes

Winter 1 Starts Tomorrow

For years StickStar has been sought out for its ability to train and instruct players of all skill levels. StickStar Seminars have been a hub for development across the State and Region.

There are a variety of ways to train. Seminars allow for an immersive learning environment through Skills, Drills, and Reps during a concentrated period.

The Texas Lacrosse Academy powered by StickStar will be focused instruction on Technique and Mechanics. StickStar coaches have often been sought out for PRIVATE INSTRUCTION with great results, now we will offer this instruction in a class setting, driving down the cost to those who want a more personal NUANCED & SKILLED INSTRUCTION SETTING.

FOUNDATIONS CLASS: The Texas Lacrosse Academy will offer its 1st Foundational Classes, a Monday Evening Class, and a Tuesday Evening Class. Players will look to become PROFICIENT in the following Skill Groups.

Foundations Class Curriculum

Throwing Mechanics Grips



Right and Left Handed

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