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Fall Box Training Kicks off Next Week!

For weekly training in Dallas we choose Box. It is the most beneficial for developing skill in all players, especially youth. Getting everyone to one place is tough, but ensuring it is always going to happen helps, THX BLUE SKY! We hope you'll join us as we kick off the fall at our Box Open House. If you are looking to join our Box Program, please fill out the link below. If you've already attended tryouts, please just attend as this is our 1st day of training. We look forward to seeing everyone out there.

StickStar is A PROGRAM, NOT JUST A TEAM. WE TRAIN, WE COMPETE, WE DEVELOP TEXANS and have done it longer than any other Lacrosse Company in the State. MOST IMPORTANTLY WE TRAIN EVERYONE. We are interested in developing all TEXANS! We are consistent. Come see what #StickStarHabits are all about!

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