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Due to Popular Demand....

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We are proud to announce that the StickStar: Texas Box Program will hold its first ever Texas Box Girls Training. A 3 Hr. Training session for High School & Youth Players. We've been asked to provide this, and believe we can transfer the box skill set to the girls game. Many of the details are above, but to elaborate on some key points:

1) Space will be Limited for High School and Youth Players.

2) Pads optional as most girls don't have pads, but if you do and would like to wear them, that works too. There won't be much contact at all, so this would be to just increase a players comfort with the pads.

3) This is a Box Skills Introduction. We will train basic box skills we believe are important and could add value to the attending players game immediately. We might play a little, but first we are just trying to understand exactly what game play might look like without pads in the rink.

December 4th (Blue Sky - The Colony)

7801 Main St, The Colony, TX 75056

Dec. 4th: 9AM to Noon

Fee is $55 + Paypal Fee (Online)

We are thrilled to get this started and off the ground. It will be a great first step to bringing the Box Game to the girls of Texas! Another exciting first for StickStar | Texas Box.

Below is the SuperStar Program from Connecticut, playing CaliLax. Both are great programs, the SuperStar girls team is excellent at this game. It is very impressive. Looking forward to getting things going! #TxHome4Box #TxHome4Training

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