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StickStar 2021 Fall Tryouts (BOX & FIELD)

Updated: Aug 12, 2021


Dallas Select - #KhakiCulture - Longest Running Select Travel Team in TX.

FEE: $57.50 For Both Box & Field Tryout


LOCATION SMU Crum Field - Please Bring PRINTED & SIGNED Waiver

210722-Waiver - Stickstar August 2021 Minors
Download PDF • 185KB

YOUTH ('29 -'28-'27-'26)

Tryouts: 9 to 10:30 AM

HIGH SCHOOL ('25 -'24-'23-'22)

Tryouts: 11:15 to 1:00 PM


LOCATION Blue Sky Carrollton - NO CLEATS!

(3rd / 4th & 5th / 6th) Noon to 1PM

(7th / 8th & HS) 1PM to 2PM

***Our goal is to have as many players from Dallas, Austin, Houston at these tryouts as possible. We will have evaluation opportunities in Austin / Houston the following weekend but would like for as many folks as possible to make the drive in. We understand that doesn't work for everyone. Stayed tuned for ATX / HTX details.***

THE Texas Box Program Bantam Team wins USBOXLA Nationals.

Things to Remember About StickStar (#KhakiCulture):

  • CONSISTENCY: There is no Select program more consistent than StickStar.

  • LONGEST RUNNING PROGRAM: We are the longest running select program, now entering our 19th year of Developing Texans and Traveling Teams. (Dallas Select Travel, Texas United Local, Texas Box Travel Program.)

  • SYSTEM & METHODOLOGY: Our success and one of the key reasons for our longevity is our style of development. Our method of instruction is unique to our program. When we train it is much different than the typical methods of development that exist in this space. We build skill and understanding in an efficient way where everyone improves, guaranteed. It doesn't take long for a new player / parent to see how & why we are different. Furthermore, our coaches speak with the same voice as we do not simply hire on new coaching candidates on a whim. Our coaches have been involved with our program for a significant amount of time, spending tons of on field hours learning the system. New coaches are usually old players who've trained, played, and believe in our system of development. Very few other programs have this coaching consistency within their program.

  • POSITIVE & CONSTRUCTIVE: While our method of teaching skill and ultimately execution is rooted in the Socratic method (gaining knowledge by asking tons of questions), we first and foremost believe that if a player trains with us consistently, they will be the best possible version of that player they can be. We can develop touch, feel, technique and understanding in any player that is willing to put in the time. After 18 years we can guarantee that. Every play is a teachable moment and an opportunity to figure out what we did right, what we did wrong, or take the next step.


Field Training: Because Players have so many conflicts and we get our players from so many programs we will rely on our Seminar Training model. Seminars are 7.5 hours of practice in a weekend. Players who Register for the Fall will receive 2 FREE SEMINARS to guarantee our HOURS OF DEVELOPMENT.

Our belief is that our seminar method of development is the best style due to conflicts and consistency of message. HOT TAKE: 1 Seminar is better than 4 Practices. Every seminar session immediately allows you to build off of the prior training session immediately. You cover more ground and develop way MORE SKILL!

Most teams practices 1x per week in the fall from 1.5 to 2 hours. 4 weeks equals 8 hours. In that practice you stretch, get water, etc so it is actually much less. At our seminars you get 7.5 but the message compounds and by the end of the weekend you can see improvement in both skill and execution. We will offer multiple seminars in each city (Dallas, Austin, Houston).

Box Training: Our Box program trains more consistently than many programs in the entire state. Monday nights from Sept. through Dec. and then picking up in January (HS Prax on Sundays Sept / Oct). If you Register with the Texas Box Program you will get 13 practices GUARANTEED. I can't begin to tell you how many times it rained on Monday nights this year. We canceled ZERO Monday night practices all year.

Recently a parent told us this: "At the two recent tournaments I saw and heard a lot of disappointing and concerning behavior / comments from coaches, parents, and players of other programs. Thank you for doing things the right way and teaching the boys to also do things the right way. The sideline antics of coaches and parents absolutely amazes me at times. Just wanted you to know I appreciate the way you guys go about your business."

Our Inaugural Texas United Team - The Flag Pennie has been around awhile!

StickStar Teams will fall into 3 different classifications:

Dallas Select – Trying out for Winter Travel Tourney + at least one Summer Travel Tournament (Crab Feast) (For 26 and Above). 26 & Below will work a little different.

Open – Our program has always been Open, no tryouts. We fill teams based on availability due to a host of conflicts. We will continue our traditional schedule of local tournaments along with a mixture of travel tournaments (for example Adrenaline Western Shootout and others).

Texas Box Lacrosse – Will be it’s own separate program with consistent local practice, local & travel tournaments. We will have tryouts for this group.


1) When are make up tryouts? Make ups for field will take place at our Seminar Kick Offs. Make ups for Box will take place at PRAX.

2) Will Box & Field Programs Conflict? No, you will be able to do both should you want to. No conflict for tournaments or practices.

3) When will practice Start? Practice will start the weekend after Labor Day.

Practice dates, locations, tournaments, pricing and coaches will all be available on shortly.

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