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A program is built through Coaching / Training / Competition. We are happy to announce that with the Tx Box Program: HTX Largemouths our goal is to offer those 3 Key Components.

1) A Staff / Coaching built out of StickStar Alums in Houston.

2) Facilitating consistent training at a 1st Rate Facility (Houston Premier Sportsplex).

3) Compete locally or on the road with the Texas Box Program, or as the HTX Largemouths. Our goal is to field full Houston teams but when teams at age groups do not form, players will have the opportunity to play with our Texas Box Program Teams.

Fee Structure: Everything is a la carte. We are a program built on training first and foremost. The first fee is covers Training + our Annual Uniform / Registration Fee. From there all Tournament fees are all separate and a la carte, not all or nothing.

Local vs Travel: Texas Box Lacrosse has created its own tournament series to bring the Box Tournament environment to the Lone Star State. Even just a couple years ago, if you wanted to play in a box tournament you were heading to Denver, Columbus, San Jose, Vegas or Salt Lake City. For players who want to start locally, we provide that opportunity.

There will be plenty of opportunities to compete but ultimately if we get kids to the field consistently YOU WILL SEE KIDS BUILD SKILL AND THEIR CONFIDENCE GROW.

Hey........LETS GO! #TxHome4Box

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