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Upcoming Training Opportunities

Updated: Feb 21, 2020


Well, it is definitely time to ramp up training, and StickStar is once again bringing you plenty of opportunities for the next couple of weeks. By popular demand we will continue to offer weekend, indoor, training opportunities. Layer on top of that our customary Spring Break Seminars here in Dallas and down in Houston and you've got 24 hours of quality instruction heading your way.

Here is what is on deck, please click to the right to register when you're ready:

Mar. 2 - BOX Training

Mar. 9 /10 - HTX Seminar

Mar. 16/17 - DTX Seminar @ FORD FIELD

Mar. 30 - BOX Training

Apr. 6 - BOX Training

Apr. 13 - BOX Training

Every time we leave a Box Tourney we ReRealize how far behind we are in that game. The disparity is real, and we are dedicated to solving this major issue.

We cannot continue to approach this issue the same way as we, as a State, have in the past. Thus we are offering added training on Saturday mornings from 8am to 10am. Indoor time is similar to rink time in hockey, it isn't always convenient but it is necessary. Come, train, improve and prepare to compete all by 10am. After these 4 sessions, in addition to our last 2, we will certainly improve. Invite friends, spread the word, get to training. Of course if you're looking for more our 8.5 hours of instruction at our seminars are just what you need. Let's go. Let's TRAIN!

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