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Texas Box Lacrosse

Back in the Box - All Summer Long

In 2020 Texas Box helped fill the void for a lot of players. Local competition, quality training, and outlet to have fun. #PlayBox #GetBetter #HaveFun. WE did all of that. By partnering with Blue Sky Sport Center we know have #TxHome4Box.

Texas Box Lacrosse will be divided into 2 pieces this summer:

1 Part Texas Box League;

1 Part Texas Box Program.

The Texas Box League will have several divisions | Broken down by Grad Years

Mens & Prep Leagues will go June - 1st Wk in Aug.

Youth Leagues will go May - June.

These various divisions will be broken down by Grad Years.

The Texas Box Program will play at two tournaments after the summer league is complete.

The Denver Battle in the Box (7.12 - 7.13) Traveling Midget, Bantam, and Pee Wee. Box Nationals (In CA or OH) (8.6 - 8.8) Traveling High School Elite, Midget,

Bantam, and Pee Wee.

Texas Box Lacrosse turns 7, and we've never had more Statewide Momentum. We have a place to train / practice consistently. Our guys are playing at a younger age, and we are just getting warmed up.


If you're interested in playing w/ our program please complete the following by clicking:

2) Player Interest Form: If you've never played with StickStar but want more info, fill this out. If you know of players who should, please forward on the link.


All league info for the various Divisions and different cities (Dallas and Austin) will be found at #TxHome4Box.

Also, check out our Training Opportunities (StickStar Spring Break Seminars, and local Training at Blue Sky). Our Training & Culture are two things that separate us from the pack. Please visit for upcoming training opportunities!

We look forward to getting you integrated. First and foremost, fill out the Player Information Forms and the Prospective Player Information. You may also contact us at or We look forward to training your players soon.

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