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The StickStar Youth Solution

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Our Alternate Approach to Youth Development

StickStar's desire is to create a supplement for Youth Lacrosse which is different from just SELECT LACROSSE. StickStar has always been dedicated to development, and is always working to find the best path for our players, and the players across the State. StickStar works around pretty much every schedule, and every conflict. We are 100% staying with our current developmental path filled with seminars, combines, tournaments, and practices during the Fall and Summer.


We are however adding to it, in the form of our Regional Youth Programs Atx & Dtx Select. Here are some things we know:

*Traditionally parents have wanted more consistent quality development at the youth level.

*StickStar coaches have consistently been sought out by many of the top youth programs and consistently had success.

*StickStar coaches have worked with: Westlake, ESD, Lake Travis, the Dallas Deuces, St. Marks, Southlake, and Dripping Springs.

Our ability to layer on higher level individual skill, positional development, and team based conceptual execution with youth players is well documented as long as players are consistent.

We've decided to change the annual model for development utilizing Box, Leagues, a seasonal approach to the Skills we Train, and an environment built to create another small army of skilled and dedicated lacrosse players.

The StickStar Annual Youth Solution.

VIDEOS COMING SOON! regarding Box, our Immersion League, and the Environment we are looking to create. If you're interested in our youth Solution or Leagues JOIN the PROGRAM! Click Here to Register!

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