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The StickStar Field Program 22/23 CAMPAIGN

YEAR 20 of Traveling / Training Field Teams.

Other Cities TBD (but likely AUG 20th) - Supplemental Dallas Tryout Sept. 11th

STARTING IN FALL OF 2022 we will have CONSISTENT FIELD PRAX Sunday Evenings.

PRACTICE kicks off with a 7.5 Hr Seminar. 9/10 from 5pm to 8pm, 9/11 from 10 to Noon, and 4pm to 630 PM.

The Remaining practices will take place from 4 to 630 on: 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9.

We would like to prax as well on 10/16 and 10/23 but there are conflicts such as Pink Out and TurLaxin. That is why we added the seminars and extra .5 hrs of prax to each night, to make up for these other dates.

Our goal will be to have HS Prax on one field, 78 Prax on another, and 5/6 on the Final.

Just like any regular program.

FINALLY SUMMER PRACTICE RESUMES in May / June / July to close out the Year.

There will be plenty of opportunities to compete but ultimately if we get kids to the field consistently YOU WILL SEE KIDS BUILD SKILL AND THEIR CONFIDENCE GROW.

COMPETING WITH the StickStar Field Programs

From a competition standpoint players will have the opportunity to play locally and travel with the StickStar Field Program.

The 22/23 Field Competition Schedule will look similar to this:

Bitter Texas Lax Festival - Fall Cowboy Cup - Fall The LoneStar Shootout - Fall

NXT Wild Card Bitter Texas Lax Festival Crab Feast Adrenaline Possibly will add or substitute one of these.

Ultimately we really need to train. Which means attending our Sunday night practices and more Seminars. The Seminar environment is the best and has been proven to be wildly successful. Please attend when we have them!

StickStar is A PROGRAM, NOT JUST A TEAM. WE TRAIN, WE COMPETE, WE DEVELOP TEXANS and have done it longer than any other Lacrosse Company in the State. We are consistent. Come see what #StickStarHabits are all about!

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