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#StickStarReport19 - YEAR 9

Updated: Feb 21, 2020


#StickStarReport19 is back, and settling into our new home We are once again revving back up for our 9th Season of Consistent and Comprehensive coverage of lacrosse season in the Lone Star State.  StickStar is so proud of Texas Lacrosse, where it is at, and more importantly, where it is going. To help us in that effort, Team Issue is coming along for the ride.  We appreciate their support and their dedication to Texas Lacrosse. We will highlight Team Issue in upcoming content but for more info, click on the graphic!

As always, we will provide a wide variety of content throughout our vast array of digital platforms. Utilizing print, video, and audio we provide Season Recaps, Regional Insight, Watch Lists, Program Previews, Statewide Rankings, Pregame Breakdowns, Commitments, and Post Game recaps. 

We started last weekend with the Jesuit Tournament and over the next couple of weeks we will provide Pre-Season coverage, soon after we will transition into the regular season, and before you know it, we will be talking 2nd Season!

Livestream Partner of the LSA. #StickStarProductions

In addition to the season coverage, prepare yourself for:

Recruiting Radars, The Recruiting Resource, Texans at the Next Level, StickStar Productions - LSA Coverage, Taco Tuesdays, #StickStarHabits,

and something we're going to call #TheLaxPros and much much more.

We tried our hand at a show last year and will have more of that in 2019. We'll also have more information based content regarding Training, Development, and hopefully some Q&A, Forum type atmospheres as there is a lot to discuss, and not many places to do it.

Of course, we also have the StickStar content regarding training opportunities, and select programs. All registrations and travel information will be based on the original We'll also have apparel content regarding product manufacturing, team sales, and our apparel line. The best way to #SupportTheReport is to head on over to and BUY BUY BUY.

StickStar is about to kick the tires and light the fires as IT IS GO TIME!  Tweet at us @StickStarReport with SCORES, HIGHLIGHTS, UPDATES, & STATS and get involved.

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, AND subscribe to us on Youtube!  Be sure to follow our army of Twitter handles @StickStarLax, @StickStarReport, @StickStarATX, @StickStarHype, @StickStarTendy, and @OKunitedLAX.  Also, bookmark all season long.  The 2019 Season will be unforgettable. 2018 was great but there are tons of storylines that will play out once again in 2019. We WILL bring you all the coverage, start to finish.  LET’S GO!

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