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StickStar Summer 2021 Schedule

BACK AT SMU! MAY 19, Year 18 of Traveling Select & Training teams coming soon.


What a difference a year makes. We are heading back to SMU, and we honestly can't wait. The 3x Cages, the Sound of 75, and training at arguably the finest outdoor lacrosse facility in the State, PUMPED! There will be some rules and regulations but WE WILL MAKE IT WORK!

The Schedule is above but to practice you must have:

2) and you must bring your SMU Waiver!

Waiver - Lacrosse - Minor - StickStar -
Download • 187KB

If you are a StickStar Player (Box or Field) you can attend training. If you're not a StickStar Player and would like to train with us, there will be a fee.

See everyone May 19th, 7PM to 9PM at SMU. LET'S GO! #KhakiCulture #Precedent

More info regarding ATX | HTX | Seminars coming but we just got the SMU information and needed to get that locked down! We appreciate your patience!

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