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StickStar Summer 2019 Schedule

Year 16 of Traveling Select & Training teams coming soon.

Seminars, Practices, Combines, #AofE Clinic, Showcases, BOX & Travel Teams.

HTX, DTX, Tulsa, OKC, Shreveport - Get to the Field!

It's that time of year! We are huge fans of the summer as it affords us the opportunity to continue the development of multiple states through a variety of practices, seminars, combines, showcases, clinics, BOX and tournaments. Development for the whole State of Texas & our neighbors to the North in Oklahoma is what it is all about. Our 8th Annual, Texas United, State Championship Seminar is right around the corner, and we are primed and ready to start weekly practices on Tuesday, 5/14 @ SMU. Please check the schedule below for all details. Please contact us should you like to attend any of our offerings. We will do our best to get you integrated! Head over to for all details and registrations!

For StickStar the weekends are about to be all gas, no breaks. This weekend is the LSA Championships (brought to you by StickStar Productions, next weekend are the Super Regionals, the weekend after we invite everyone to the State Championship Seminar here in Dallas (May 10th - 12th) - Click Here to Register. After that we've got the Texas All Star Round up in Dallas (May 18th), and, over Memorial Day weekend we'll be training in both Houston (Legacy) and Shreveport (RCLC) putting in the work. NO SHORTAGE OF GREATNESS GOING ON!

For Goalies, we'll have #AofE Seminars and Clinics. If you're looking to keep a clean sheet or take goals off the board, our style of tailored goalie instruction is for you!

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