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StickStar Select Annual Approach

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

More opportunities to train and compete consistently with StickStar.

Starting with the 19/20 Annual Select calendar StickStar will lock teams in for the entirety of the year instead of seasonally (ie. Fall then Summer). Each class will have it's primary travel tournaments, coupled with auxiliary local tourneys. Additional Box opportunities will be available through the regional youth programs Atx Select, Dtx Select, and our StickStar Box Program.

We had to make this move as we now have classes of quality players from 2021 - 2026. Some players get squeezed out of playing with StickStar due to the fact that we do not offer this annual approach. We will still look to get as many players integrated as possible while still retaining a core group of players within each class.

If you're interested in competing with the longest running The Longest Running Select Program in the State, please attend our Join the Program event!

NEW for 2019/2020

* NEW - 2023's must tryout for the program.

* NEW - Dtx / Atx Regional Youth Programs, built on box training, league competition, and an Annual approach to development.

Furthermore, we will look to build out a 27/28 class as well.

* NEW - 2027/2028 Class built out of our Dtx Select Program.

More Program Details

The StickStar Select Program just finished it's 16th summer of competition. It is a mixture of several brands we've created to give our players and their families as many opportunities to compete as possible. Please check out our Hall of Teams, we've been at this for some time!

Our Brands are essentially a history of how our program has grown from Dallas, throughout the State, into Oklahoma, and then back into a Regional Approach.

Dallas Select: Dallas Select is our Summer HS Select Travel Program. It's staple is the Khaki Short, and we just completed our 12th summer of competition. It is the longest running Select Brand in the State! Please Check out some of our Collegiate Matriculation.

Texas United: Texas United is our Statewide Youth Program which competes locally and travels. It also serves as the brand our HS Players compete under in the Fall / Winter. We do our best to keep the State of Texas, United, when so many are trying to split it up.

StickStar Box: StickStar Box is our newly branded box program. We've played under the Texas United Banner for some time, but we get players from across Texas, Oklahoma, and even Ohio so we've moved to StickStar Box.

Oklahoma United: Is our Oklahoma based select program. They've experienced some tremendous initial success and are establishing a tremendous precedent North of the Red River.

Atx / Dtx Regional Programs: These two programs will be quite different from what we've already been doing. They will build out of training and league based style of development while providing 2 opportunities to compete through box. The supplemental opportunities to compete in the field will be through the Texas United program.

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