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StickStar Summer '21 Schedule

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Texas' Longest Running Travel Program #YR18

Well, 2020 certainly didn't go as planned. StickStar did its best to navigate a PANDEMIC carefully, and we did just that. We limited our travel opportunities and focused our attention to what we can control, within our boarders ( We believe it was for the best.

Now as the page starts to turn and the dust settles we will once again start to travel, responsibly. StickStar Select teams enter their 18th summer of travel as Dallas Select turns 14, Texas United turns 10, and Texas Box Lacrosse turns 7. We take pride knowing that we are the longest running select program in the region!

StickStar is just different. We are a program. Not just a select team.

  • We send people to play in college. When they get to college, they produce.

  • We have success. We have had success outside of the State for a long time.

  • We train differently. We develop skill, habits, self confidence, and camaraderie.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, If a player trains with us consistently, they will become the best version of that player possible.


If you're interested in playing w/ our program please complete the following by clicking:

If you know folks who are looking for a different experience, built on development and detail, share this info.


Because player matriculation is so important we highlight it. It is a byproduct of doing the right things, and putting yourself in a position to succeed. Many of the Texans contributing to their NCAA programs in 2021 played / trained for us.

Players’ matriculation to includes: Air Force, Army, Bellarmine, Binghamton, Boston University, Brown, Bryant, Bucknell, Canisius, Cleveland State, Colgate, Cornell, Dartmouth, Denver, Detroit, Drexel, Duke, Fairfield, Furman, Georgetown, Harvard, High Point, Hofstra, Holy Cross, Jacksonville, John Hopkins, Lehigh, Loyola, Marquette, Maryland, Mercer, Merrimack, Michigan, Monmouth, Navy, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Princeton, Providence, Quinnipiac, Robert Morris, Rutgers, Sacred Heart, St. Johns, St. Joes, Stony Brook, Syracuse, Towson, UMass Lowell, UMass, UMBC, Utah, UVA, Vermont, VMI, Yale, Amherst, Colorado College, Denison, Salisbury, Stevenson, Washington and Lee, Gettysburg, Hamden Sydney, Haverford, Lynchburg, Middlebury, RIT, Roanoke, Tufts, Colby, Nazareth, Skidmore, Mount Olive, Queens, Florida Southern, Lenoir Rhyne, Tampa, CSU Pueblo, Indianapolis, Lindenwood, Rollins, and others.

Be on the look out for Box Info in the coming days between our Texas Box Program Info, and Texas Box League Signups. Box will be a big part of what we are doing. Always check out for more details.

Also, check out our Training Opportunities (StickStar Spring Break Seminars, and local Training at Blue Sky). Our Training & Culture are two things that separate us from the pack. Please visit for upcoming training opportunities!

We look forward to getting you integrated. First and foremost, fill out the Player Information Forms and the Prospective Player Information. You may also contact us at or We look forward to training your players soon.

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