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StickStar Atx 2021 Summer Plan for Development

Part 1 Outdoor + Part 2 Box = Solid Summer Plan for Development.

Announcement! StickStar will continue to offer high level training and instruction in the Austin Area this summer. Our plan for training will be 2 fold:

Phase 1 - Outdoor Practice

We will hold outdoor practice at Anderson's turf field 1x week, spanning the last week of May, through June, and 1st week of July. Due to the high volume of activity for most players we wanted to create an opportunity to focus their attention on 1 day per week. If you are not playing on a StickStar Squad this summer but would like to train with our program, the Outdoor Practice will have an associated fee.

Fields in Austin are always tough to come by so we are fortunate to have a Great Facility & Great Location on a consistent (turf) surface at Anderson High School.

Thursday May 27 (6PM to 8PM)

Wednesday June 2 (6PM to 8PM)

Wednesday June 9 (3PM to 5PM)

Wednesday June 16th (3PM to 5PM)

Wednesday June 23rd (6PM to 8PM)

Wednesday July 7th (5PM to 7PM)

Phase 2 - Summer Box Season

The Texas Box Youth Leagues in Dallas have been so rewarding (from a development standpoint) that we are going to launch them next in Austin. As we finalize the precise late summer / early fall schedule for the actual league, we wanted to hold something in Austin where people could get the feel for what we'll be offering.

It is going to be tremendous and efficient. Here is our equation: 1 Day / Week + 1 Hr. of Time + Play Roughly the Entire time ='s Fun. Makes sense. We are going to be gathering data points on what time of day / what day is best. It will likely be Sundays, we are just trying to finalize timing / location. Even if players miss a couple of weeks due to travel, they will have an activity they can come back to and jump in immediately!

All players participating in the Box Pre Season will pay a fee.

We're excited to get this going. If you plan on attending training this summer in Austin, please indicate which you can attend by filling out the following Registration. Looking forward to it!

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