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StickStar 2021 Fall Calendar

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Pt. 1 Outdoor (Seminars) + Pt. 2 Box (Blue Sky) + Pt. 3 Compete (LOCAL / TRAVEL)

While everyone has been focused on Tryouts, StickStar & THE TEXAS Box Program just capped off an unforgettable CHAMPIONSHIP run at USBOXLA Nationals. A huge step for StickStar and Texas Box! It ranks way up there in terms of most important tourneys we've ever won, something we will breakdown at a later date. Also, if you win Box Nationals does that mean you're a NATIONAL PROGRAM? We've been a National program for 18 years, we'll break that down later as well. Now it is time for Fall!

All details regarding Tryouts are in the Fall Tryout Article (Click Here). They are both in Dallas, Field is Aug. 21 at SMU Crum Field while Box is at our Home (Blue Sky Carrollton) on Aug. 22. Then we hit the road for alternate assessments the following weekend in Both Austin and Houston. We would like to see as many folks in Dallas as possible from the other cities!


If you're going to miss our Dallas Dates you can attend the 1 Day Dallas Seminar on Sept. 12, details to be finalized shortly. If in you miss Houston or Austin you can hit the next Seminar in either location.

DRIVING OUR PLAYERS BACK TO SEMINARS: Because Players have so many conflicts and we get our players from so many programs we will rely on our Seminar Training model. Seminars are 7.5 hours of practice in a weekend. Players who Register for the Fall will receive 2 FREE SEMINARS to guarantee our HOURS OF DEVELOPMENT.

Our belief is that our seminar method of development is the best style due to conflicts and consistency of message. HOT TAKE: 1 Seminar is better than 4 Practices (maybe more). Every seminar session immediately allows you to build off of the prior training session immediately. You cover more ground and develop way MORE SKILL!

Most teams practices 1x per week in the fall from 1.5 to 2 hours. 4 weeks equals 8 hours. In that practice you stretch, get water, etc so it is actually much less. At our seminars you get 7.5 but the message compounds and by the end of the weekend you can see improvement in both skill and execution. We will offer multiple seminars in each city (Dallas, Austin, Houston).

Box Training: Our Box program trains more consistently than many programs in the entire state. Monday nights from Sept. through Dec. and then picking up in January again (HS Prax on Sundays Sept / Oct). If you Register with the Texas Box Program you will get 13 practices GUARANTEED. I can't begin to tell you how many times it rained on Monday nights this year. We canceled ZERO Monday night practices all year.

TOURNAMENTS Once again, we will play a mixture of local and travel tournaments for both Field and Box. We look to provide as many opportunities to compete as possible. This years local BOX Tourney will be the Texas Boxtoberfest (Oct. 30/31), while we will look to travel to the Vegas Box Invitational & either the RESOLUTE MIDWEST CLASSIC / The Wasatch Invitational. For Field we will play locally at the Lax at the Ranch, Cowboy Cup, and LoneStar Shootout, while we will travel back to San Diego for the Adrenaline Challenge. We will look to finalize exactly which age groups are attending each tourney after Tryouts, in mid September!

Click Here to Register FOR TRYOUTS Today! StickStar is the LONGEST RUNNING SELECT PROGRAM IN THE STATE. Come see what all the fuss is about! We train #StickStarHabits.

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