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State Championship Seminar #YR8

Updated: May 7, 2019

Driving players to TRAIN, and supporting the THSLL State Championship Weekend.

Photo Credit: Nick Suh

Well, it has happened once again. It is Second Season! And, with that, comes the State Championships and, for StickStar, yet another Texas United, State Championship Seminar as tradition dictates. StickStar started holding the Texas United, State Championship Seminar in 2012, and, since that first one, turnout has been tremendous! This year, the State Championships is in McKinney, and in Year 8 of the SCSeminar, we have established yet another tradition as StickStar continues to support the TEXAS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND!

StickStar believes in the importance of supporting the State Championships as well as driving traffic to them. The importance for our players to watch the highest level of lacrosse our State has to offer at the High School level cannot be emphasized enough. The Final Four weekend is “THE GOAL” of many players in our State. They NEED to see what level of play is expected in order to make it. A further goal is to support all the players including those that we train at StickStar. This year, specifically, there will be a ton out there. The youngsters who already attend our training will recognize the older guys on the field and watch them put their skills in action. We remain one Texas, UNITED, and look forward to the weekend of May 10th – 12th!

Photo Credit: NIck Suh

Associated Fee: $75 (less than $10 per hour) Payment accepted at the door by cash or check (payable to StickStar Lacrosse). Associated Art of Erasing Fee: $150 (includes the $75 above) due to the nature of the specialized instruction and the consistent focus those players will receive!

SEMINAR SCHEDULE: 8.5 Hrs. of Training Friday (6PM - 9PM) @ SMU Crum Field Saturday (9AM - Noon) @ McKinney High School Sunday (930AM - Noon) @ McKInney High School

All players (grade 5 and above; no beginners, please!) must be current members of US Lacrosse to participate! We are pumped to get to the ATX and cannot wait to kick off our summer training! This is year 12 of DSelect and Year 16 of traveling Select Teams. We ARE the longest running program in the State and pumped to keep developing those #StickStarHabits!

StickStar Youth Summer Box

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