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Isn't It Nice!

Texans at the Next Level are making an impact all OVER THE PLACE!

Lacrosse is upon us, it is really happening. A new year, a new season, and tons of new excitement. At StickStar we are excited, in fact, we are thrilled. Why you ask? We are everywhere, Texans, and we are doing big things. Texans playing at the Next Level is a reality, not an anomaly. We are present and the guys who are sticking are making an impact.

Above you'll see one of our all time favorites making Paul Carcaterra howl. Nakeie Montgomery, current Duke standout (ESD Alum) has personality for miles and lights up the room where ever he goes. Just so happens, he's also photogenic gracing the cover of the US Lacrosse Magazine. He also impacts the field recently registering a (3g,1a) effort against Robert Morris in Duke's 2nd victory of the year.

The thing is, in 8 D1 NCAA games Texans are making an impact all over the score sheet on both sides of the ball. In Utah our guys (TEXANS) are going off. Sammy Cambere (Flower Mound Alum) is an issue, and you know that cause he causes turnovers everywhere, gets high praise from Coach Holman regularly and stuck one against Denver in Utah's one goal loss to the PIOS.

He's not the only one though, Ramsey McCreary (TWHS Alum), Jack Barron (TWHS Alum), and Drew Wasserman (ESD Alum) are all adding value on offense in the 1st couple of games for the Utes. They are scoring, and it is fun to see. Wasserman scored his first goal in his first game ever at the D1 level, not a small deal, HUGE DEAL!

It's also fun to see these guys square off against other Texans. Bellarmine v. Utah was a really close game for most of the contest and there is no shortage of Texans playing for the Knights as well. Freshman Josh Healy (Keller Alum), Sophomore J.C. Higginbotham (Plano West Alum), and Senior Captain Jon Robbins (Plano Alum) are all logging minutes. Through two games in his senior season Robbins has caused 7 turnovers cause he's an animal!

In the UNC vs. Denver game there was more Texans getting involved, Ty Badciong (LT Alum) and Parker Alexander (HP Alum) each scored once in a battle of national powerhouses. Speaking of HP Alums, sophomore Makay Hansen of Colorado College registered the game winner in their annual PreSeason inner squad scrimmage (video up on The Gram!). Not surprising, all that kid does is score the ball!

In the UVA vs. Towson matchup Casey Wasserman (Southlake Alum) was definitely running around out there, and the only reason Cade Saustad (HP Alum) wouldn't be on the field is due to a bum wheel, kid is a National Champ. If Scotty Bower (ESD Alum) isn't on the field it is just a matter of time, kid is a monster.

Last, but certainly not least is Brent Bishop (Memorial Alum) at Mercer. The kid logged a caused turnover in each of his games thus far this year. He has always been able to put the ball on the ground.

8 D1 Lacrosse games, Texans on the field in each, logging valuable minutes. Isn't it nice!

There is more where that came from and you can count on us to continue to highlight it. #StickStarReport has always advocated for ALL TEXANS regardless of program from the time they were in High School as they make their way up the ladder. Texans are making an impact and we look forward to chronicling it. This is our 11th year of REPORTING, it isn't easy, but we find the time, and find a way.

Check out our Instagram and Twitter handles @StickStarLax, and @StickStarReport on Twitter, and use the hashtag #StickStarReport as we continue to up the coverage during the season. If we miss someone or something, PLEASE, it isn't on purpose, it is a bandwidth thing. If you'd like to see more coverage, let's chat about sponsorships! In the meantime, we will spread the love, send us content and if it is appropriate, we will work to post it. It's lacrosse season. Say it again, with me, "IT'S LACROSSE SEASON!" Let's GO! #StickStarReport

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