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This weekend StickStar is hosting its final seminar of the fall in Dallas. We love the seminar environment, and hope you'll join us. We will train whoever is there, whenever they are there. The schedule is below. We hope everyone will attend the entire weekend but understand there may be conflicts. Please register today!

October 9th / 10th - Dallas, TX (Coppell Middle School North)

120 Natches Trace, Coppell, TX 75019

Oct. 9th: 9AM to Noon, 5PM to 730PM (Click Here to Register for SEMINAR) Oct. 10th: 10AM to Noon

Fee is $75 + Paypal Fee (Online)

Fee is $75 in person

DRIVING OUR PLAYERS BACK TO SEMINARS: Because Players have so many conflicts and we get our players from so many programs we will rely on our Seminar Training model. We want our seminars present at as many seminars as they can attend. It will create a massive impact on their game!

StickStar is A PROGRAM, NOT JUST A TEAM. WE TRAIN, WE COMPETE, WE DEVELOP TEXANS and have done it longer than any other Lacrosse Company in the State. We are consistent. Come see what #StickStarHabits are all about!

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