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Dallas Box League Team Uniforms


StickStar is proud to announce our Dallas Summer Youth Box League Teams. We are harnessing the majesty and beauty of local area birds for our Box Clubs. The 4 team names include the MockingBirds (the State Bird), the Blue Jays (All Around Awesome Bird), The Buzzards (The Nastiest Bird), and the Turkeys (Who need no introduction). This is the 1st league for the StickStar Box Lacrosse Association, a USBOXLA sanctioned League.

Who: '25 - '23

What: The DTX StickStar Box League

Where: American Indoor (Hebron & 121) Time: 430 - 6 PM.

When: May - 13, 15, 20, 22, 29

June - 3, 10, 12

Why: Texas is behind, nationally, in regards to Box Lacrosse. We believe that playing and training for BOX is a tremendous developmental tool that

greatly benefits all players.

Price: $195 - 8 sessions and jersey


May 13 - Training

May 15 - Draft

May 20 - Team Practice / Scrimmage

May 22 - Games

May 29 - Games

June 3 - Games

June 10 - Final 4

June 12 - Championship / Consolation

To Register please fill out this Google Survey: Click Here!

StickStar will also travel Box Teams to the Denver Battle in the Box this summer, head over to for more details.

Please spread the word. We are looking forward to getting this off the ground!


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