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Blue Sky Sports backs Lacrosse.

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

4 Facilities across North Texas will promote a lacrosse growth initiative.

Blue Sky Sports is thrilled to announce that their 4 Facilities are getting involved with Lacrosse in North Texas.

Blue Sky Sports and their facilities are uniquely positioned across the northern suburbs to positively impact the game in 2 specific ways:

1. Blue Sky Box - Blue Sky will become your home for Box Tournaments, leagues, and play days throughout the year, servicing Youth, HS, and Post HS Grads. Check out for more information!

2. Blue Sky: Texas Lacrosse Academy – Blue Sky is interested in growing the number of lacrosse players across the area. Blue Sky has a high volume of athletes that move through their Keller, Carrolton, Colony, and Allen locations. Their goal is to grow a new crop of lacrosse players at each of their facilities for the surrounding community programs. Traditionally community programs are on their own when it comes to creating player numbers. Blue Sky is uniquely capable of trying to create lacrosse players for their surrounding programs.

As a USBOXLA sanctioned facility and in conjunction with, Blue Sky will look to positively impact the lacrosse community in 2 crucial areas that everyone can get behind, Building Box and Growing Player Numbers.

These are two initiatives that can really benefit the public programs that surround the facilities and positively impact the landscape of North Texas Lacrosse! Stay tuned for more announcements this week! Contact for more information!

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