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Atx Select Fall 2019

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Fall Youth Program and Immersion League

StickStar is thrilled to be back in the ATX. Atx Select is under the guidance of Regional Director Zane Zoda, a staple of StickStar sidelines, and Coppell / Tx State / StickStar Alum.

Phase 1

For Atx Select this is Phase 1 of a more comprehensive Year Round YOUTH SOLUTION. We will start with consistent training for Atx Select Players, and Texas United Players as well. Atx Select players will compete at several BOX Events in December and January.

We will couple our training with our IMMERSION LEAGUE which is open to all age groups. HS, 7/8, and 5/6. The IMMERSION LEAGUE will be one part training + one part competition. We are trying to create a middle ground between Field and getting into the Box. It is going to be a skilled & development based environment where conceptual execution is driven home. Once we understand the skills and style, the environment will help reinforce the development, but a base layer must be had first!

Subsequent Phases

In order to create a year round developmental model we will build off of the success of Phase 1, but do not want to put the cart in front of the horse!

TO GET INVOLVED with our Atx Select Program, the Immersion League, or StickStar Texas United Teams:

1) PLEASE ATTEND OUR ATX JTP. Click Here to Register!


Please follow us on Social Media at @AtxSelect on Twitter / Instagram!

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