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Already Busy! #CaliBound

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

For the 4th consecutive year StickStar Texas United Teams are heading West, to beautiful San Diego. I will go on record and say that I plan on spending the 1st weekend of the year in San Diego for perpetuity. Why not, it is a wonderful place to start the year!

In 2017 we took the title, and secured our 400th win.

In 2019 we will take 4 teams out to California to begin yet another year of developing players from the LoneStar State. We are the longest running select program in the Region and are thrilled about 2019 and what it has in store for our teams!

At this point, our goal is to aid in preparation and development as our guys get ready for the regular season. StickStar's goal is to develop players from across the State so that we improve the overall level of play Statewide. For a couple of our teams that means playing up as well. While winning Championships is great, (and we compete for them a ton) that is a function of improvement. Consistent training and development, over time will always be our goal, as the kids who get to training and and don't fade will reap the rewards.

Once again our players will be forced to compete against some of the best from across the country and in some instances against older players. It's good for them, and ultimately they will be in a better place as they get ready to contribute with their school programs in the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing everyone in California and wish everyone safe travels along the way!

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