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1 Day Dallas Seminar Sept. 12

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Will Also Serve as an Auxiliary Dallas Evaluation.

September 12th - Coppell, TX (Wagon Wheel Park)

9AM to 1130AM

3PM to 5PM

Fee is $57.50

The StickStar Seminar is the most efficient and effective environment for development in the State of Texas. Players leave with new individual skill sets, greater positional understanding, and a greater awareness /understanding of team based execution. We move kids, they get reps, and they leave more slick and more aware than they started.

The wasted motion, excess, and monotony of a regular, weekly practice is removed. In our setting knowledge compounds immediately from session to session, thus allowing to DEVELOP from the beginning of the Seminar to the End. We encourage you to come see for yourself what makes us, and this setting for development different! Coming to Dallas, Austin, and Houston this fall.

StickStar is A PROGRAM, NOT JUST A TEAM. WE TRAIN, WE COMPETE, WE DEVELOP TEXANS and have done it longer than any other Lacrosse Company in the State. MOST IMPORTANTLY WE TRAIN EVERYONE. We are interested in developing all TEXANS! We are consistent. Come see what #StickStarHabits are all about!

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